5 vintages of Castello di Brolio [Brolio Castle] for the “Vertical Tour”

After many requests, this year we finally decided to provide an opportunity to get to know Ricasoli through a more in-depth tasting experience. That is how the “Vertical Tour” was born. It is dedicated to Ricasoli’s flagship wine, the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Castello di Brolio, the star of a tasting of selected vintages, through which participants will be able to savor the evolution of its Sangiovese over time.

Born in 1997 as Chianti Classico Gran Selezione from the 2010 vintage – the Castello di Brolio is the undisputed ambassador of its terroir. It is in fact the pinnacle of the most meticulous Sangiovese grape selection from the vineyards adjacent to Brolio Castle, which thrive on three of the most typical local types of soil: Macigno del Chianti (sandstone), Scaglia Toscana (galestro), Monte Morello (alberese). Each parcel is vinified separately and with extreme precision in the cellar and the blend is only prepared when the aging in wood is finalized. This process results in a wine rich in aromas and sensations, with noble tannins and fragrant acidity that give it a nice drinkability at a young age and great potential for evolution over time.

The Vertical, led by Ricasoli’s specialized staff in a private room, will allow participants to grasp the nuances of the individual vintages being tasted – 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010 – from the climatic characteristics, to the evolution in the cellar and the bottle. At the end of the tasting (available in Italian and English, as well as other languages up​on request), participants can, upon request, have dinner at the Osteria di Brolio. For more information and reservations: LINK