A giant green haven

Insetti a Brolio

These days, we are all aware of how important woods and forests are, as they provide biodiversity and absorb and neutralize CO2. This latter activity contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases, which are the main causes of atmospheric warming and climate change. The images of the devastating fires developing with increasing frequency all over the planet, destroying huge swathes of forests, create feelings desolation and anger. We know how impactful is the damage generated by a forest that suffers or dies – and not only for the surrounding areas, but for the whole planet.

But in Brolio the awareness of the need to preserve the rich forest land that harmoniously surrounds vineyards and olive groves is a centuries-old tradition. This impressive green haven, which covers an area equal to 70% of the total estate – 850 hectares out of 1,200 – consists of plants, trees and bushes typical of the Mediterranean scrub and the Chianti Classico area: holm oaks, downy oaks, junipers, myrtles, strawberry trees, Montpellier cistus and mastic trees. A botanical richness that mirrors that of the fauna.

Documents from past eras tell how the management of forests was part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the area, who obtained wood for the winter and other goods necessary for subsistence. Today we scrupulously protect our woods with twenty-year cutting shifts that allow the vegetation to renew and reinvigorate, as it always has over the centuries. All this for the benefit of the environment and of the many visitors who can enjoy the beauty of these lush and lively forests during their hiking or cycling tours.

Il Leccione