August at Brolio

The Blog is going on vacation, but not our hospitality group. It’s remaining here presiding over Brolio and waiting for you to visit.

August is vacation month par excellence: some go to see cities full of art, others to the sea or mountains, but the Tuscan countryside, with its charming scenery, is always worth visiting.

In this area of Tuscany, an hour’s drive from Florence and scarcely a half hour from Siena, you can discover a multifaceted microcosm. The abovementioned art lovers can participate in tours of the Castle that evoke ancient times with a contemporary touch (just remember the “lotus flowers” exhibition, for example). Courageous visitors can ride on amazing “Eroica” bicycle roads that enhance one bike ride after another, then stop at the Agribar café to restore their energy and strength. Gourmet tourists can enjoy a candlelight dinner at the Osteria del Castello restaurant. And all lovers of good wine will want to visit the Wine Shop and participate in a tasting.

Here’s a list of things to do at Brolio on a hot August day, and your four-legged friends are welcome!

Madonna a Brolio, day 1 (and many more!)

1) One (or all) of the tours offered. Book before or try your last-minute luck by asking at the Wine Shop. The Privilege Tour is the only one which takes you through the private apartments in the Castle: don’t miss it!

2) Have breakfast or a snack or anything you like at the Agribar café. You’ll find croissants, sandwiches, Italian focaccia filled with local cold meats and hams, coffees and many other treats rigorously from Tuscany.

3) Wander around until you find Leccione and Podernuovi, our country house where Stealing Beauty was filmed … but watch out! Time flies.

4) Lunch at the Osteria del Castello restaurant, with tables outside in the wooded park at the foot of Brolio Castle. Wonderful wines and traditional Italian fare.

5) Taste our wines and other delicacies at the Wine Bar (in front of the Agribar at Madonna a Brolio).

6) Wander around again by climbing up to the Castle. Self-directed tour can be had by simply purchasing a ticket to the park gardens, but be careful not to remain too delighted at sunset or you may forget to leave within closing time!

7) Is there time to visit the cellars? Ask at the Wine Shop: the same employees mentioned at point 5) above are always welcoming and will even be glad to explain to you how the Barone Bettino Ricasoli invented the Chianti Classico formula right here at Brolio in 1872.

8) Have a candlelight dinner at the Osteria del Castello restaurant or take the Sunset Tour.

9) Have you seen the vineyards? Join us tomorrow for the Vineyard Tour and to taste our Crus.

10) Good thing you’ve booked the night at the Agresto for sweet dreams in the silence of the vineyards.

11) Before going to bed, book a picnic: tomorrow you can pick up a basket with special foods and your wine, then be escorted to one of our reserved picnic areas in the vineyard.

12) When you wake up the next day, dive into the pool, then once again head to the Agribar, the Castle, the Osteria, the Wine Shop: you won’t want to leave!

We look forward to seeing you!