Recharging electric vehicles and country campgrounds

Our loyal readers will remember the post linked here: it’s from October 2017, and the project has steadily gone ahead even if we haven’t been able to keep you informed. As often happens, the topics to write about in this magazine are varied and all of interest, and sometimes we have to choose one over the other for editorial reasons.

But today we want to briefly update you about the recharging project called Ricarica 101, in which select Italian companies have formed a network of recharging stations for electric vehicles. We’re happy to report that little more than a year from that post linked above, the recharging points have doubled; on the Repower site you can find the map. Those readers who have already passed over to green energy can now consult and plan trips in complete freedom, because the recharging stations have become so many that there’s no fear of remaining without a charge.

In Brolio, we’ve had a station since that 2017 post! This reflects the special attention we have for all things green and sustainable.

Besides this brief but important update, we’d like to continue with “green” news and speak about how we’re equipped for camper hospitality here at Brolio. This is part of a recent Tuscan Region project that aims to encourage overnight stays (up to 24 hours) for campers on farms. The possibility of sleeping under the stars in the silence of the vineyards is a form of holiday that open-air vacationers are sure to enjoy. And we hardly need tell you that here at Brolio we’re equipped to welcome you!

These two topics can seem unrelated at a first glance, but they’re actually closely connected: both are indications of our company’s careful attention to hospitality. Because good hosting can’t be improvised; welcoming guests here is as natural as it is vital.