It’ll be that time in just over 48 hours!

The countdown has begun! In just a couple of days, on Sunday morning from 4:30 to 5:00 the very first and most intrepid cyclists will be ready to ride. These are amateur athletes who prepare all year long, riding in small groups along the dirt roads so as to be more than ready for this fateful Sunday. They’ll be the first to ride across the starting line of the 22nd L’Eroica located in via Bettino Ricasoli in the center of Gaiole in Chianti.

The President of our company, Baron Francesco Ricasoli, will be among them, on his Bianchi bicycle purchased last year in the charity auction held the evening before the race.

The very first part, from Gaiole to Madonna a Brolio, helps the riders warm up, but the first stop at our Agribar gives them the courage they’ll need to face the dreaded climb up to Brolio Castle.

Here at Brolio we’ve already prepared everything and the events on our Waiting for the L’Eroica program are already completely booked, so much so that we’re considering increasing the number of places available.

In Gaiole, the whole town is ready and the celebrations and commemorations will be packed: the dinner the evening before always has an amazing number of participants, the market with rare and specific items gets larger and busier every year, and in Via Ricasoli we’ll have our very own space, called Ricasoli 1141.

The L’Eroica participants who complete the entire long race – 209 km! – will as always receive a complimentary bottle of Brolio Bettino in its package dedicated to the 22nd L’Eroica. Even those who aren’t riding can purchase a bottle, packaged however as a Limited Edition, either in our space in the center of Gaiole or in our Wine Shop at Madonna a Brolio.

Rien sans peine and to all a good race!

Francesco Ricasoli
Percorso de L'Eroica
Salita del Castello di Brolio
Gaiole in Chianti