Remedies against the heat?

We’re all a bit worn out by the excessively high temperatures we’ve had during the last week of June and the first days of July. This is especially true for those of us, who live in cities, but it even applies to readers from hilly areas and similar, where it should be cooler (or at least less hot!).

Brolio is no exception. In the vineyards, the heat reaches dangerously high peaks, and the teams of workers have to begin at dawn and stop when it’s no longer possible to work along the rows of grapes. And apparently there are official predictions that temperatures this summer will reach and supersede those of 2003 – who will ever forget that summer!

However, despite the heat, Brolio always has some hidden corner of paradise, and cool nooks where it is possible to feel rested and restored are important for survival in this period.

And this is just what happened to us the other evening, when temperatures quite a bit above 30°C (86F) led us to ask ourselves how cool it might be up in the Castle, even in this heat.

And the truth is that it seemed as if we had gone to heaven! There was silence and a slight breeze, both mirages in this busy summer that has tired all of us out. A sunset walk in the Castle gardens is truly restorative: the mind rediscovers some of the reasoning power it had lost in the heat and the body manages to recuperate from excessive perspiration. In short, it seemed like therapy prescribed by a doctor.

Especially now that there is still a month or even a bit more until the “real” vacations start for most Italians – who always crowd the highways at the beginning of the month of August – taking a day or even just an evening like this would help us arrive to those holidays with a bit more strength.

So why don’t you come with us the next time we walk up to the Castle at sunset?

We look forward to seeing you here!