Menus and similar

This week we’ll continue our musings on the very high temperatures we’re having here, although from a different perspective than last week. The two ways of looking at the same question are related.

The remedy for the heat that we suggested last Thursday is truly refreshing, and remains so. The silence and light breeze up at the Castle at sunset help you feel much better during these days that are the hottest in recent years.

Then, after having taken a dose of these two therapies, a stop at the Osteria di Brolio is the final, wonderful touch. What’s more, next Monday the third menu of the season arrives. Some dishes will remain the same, as always, as a reminder of where and who we are. Others will be added alongside these set dishes, so that our regular clients can enjoy some delicious surprises.

Tagliatelle with ragù sauce based on the Baron’s recipe is always available among the first courses, together with pigeon among our second courses and Brolio’s Tiramisù among the desserts. But what’s new in this third seasonal menu?

In this era of locally-sourced products, we certainly don’t have to remind you that the Osteria obtains its vegetables from the kitchen garden at Brolio and that all ingredients are super-local and of the highest quality. But we like to talk about it periodically all the same, because sometimes even the most elementary fact can be forgotten. So here are a few notes, to keep the information fresh:

(…) Our menu reflects the spirit of the season and we use ingredients of the highest quality. The result is a very balanced cuisine with a light touch of well-placed creativity. Contrasts in flavors are gracefully highlighted, with great respect for the tradition.

And to return to the problem of heat, the dishes served in this period of the year are created for the temperatures we have to live with. After watching a spectacular sunset up at the Castle, dinner at the Osteria is a truly relaxing way to end a day that would be too hot elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you here.