Lunch among the autumn colors

The season is nearing its end but the Osteria still has pleasurable and attractive surprises in store. The final menu of the year – the fifth since the restaurant reopened in March – just arrived last week, despite the fact that in these final weeks the Osteria is open only at lunch.

That’s right: in these final two months of the so-called season – November and December – the Osteria at Brolio will serve its delicious dishes only at lunchtime, and will be closed for dinner. However, this didn’t stop the chef from planning and creating a winter menu, which features the ingredients and complexities typical of this period. Falling temperatures make the comfort of a bowl of hot soup and a glass of Brolio wine very inviting.

The menu contains the traditional dishes which are present in all the menus over the 10 months of the season when the restaurant is open – from the tagliatelle pasta topped with ragù based on the Baron’s recipe, to our Osteria’s squab dish to Brolio’s tiramisu. But there are also seasonal dishes which provide the winter comfort mentioned above. Among the first courses there are ribollita (a hearty bean, bread, and vegetable stew) and wild boar tortelli in dolceforte sauce, which includes pine nuts, sultanas and cocoa. The second courses include braised veal cheek with potato purée and beet greens, and much, much more

These final weeks before the end of the year are the coziest, those in which we all want to stay home more, near a fireplace if possible, and a lunch at the Osteria restaurant at Brolio has just that touch of intimacy which we desire. There is a deep sense of well-being, and even if you choose a Brolio wine randomly, we can confirm with certainty that the choice not only won’t disappoint, but will even be the touch that completes the pleasure of the meal.

With reference to that, we quote from the Gambero Rosso 2020 restaurant guide, which has just come out: “Chianti in all its beauty (here, specifically, that of Brolio Castle and the surrounding countryside) and in all its richness: winemaking first of all – because of course we wish to taste the house labels in the wineglass – as well as good food. The result is carefully planned cooking, seasonal, traditional but also more, from tagliatella pasta topped with ragù to deer with a cherry and chocolate sauce, from cod and lemon tortelli, to T-bone steak tenderized slowly in the Florentine way (order ahead). Tasting menu, €50.00. Impeccable service, both organized and welcoming.”

We look forward to seeing you at the Osteria.