We’ve talked about Sustainability only rarely in Brolio Magazine’s posts, and it seems to us the time has come to deal with this topic, which is so important for the Company and for our collective conscience as a whole.

As a matter of fact, talking so little about it is an illustration of the old adage according to which those who talk less do more. This is true for us. Our Company has made Sustainability its flag for many years now, eschewing the fashions of biological and organic, preferring to look ahead and recognizing in that principle something that goes far beyond the simple concepts just mentioned. As a result, although it is difficult to consider the issue in a short post, we’d like at the very least to begin. 

The company is located in one of the purest and least contaminated places in Tuscany. Over the centuries, this area was nearly inaccessible due to its stony ground and thick, compact woods. It became habitable thanks to all those who cultivated beauty, balance, and harmony. In a context like this, it has not been difficult for the company to choose
nature-friendly viticulture. We are not certified organic, but we make extra effort to employ agronomic techniques with low environmental impact. Research and applied technologies have allowed us to respect the territory fully while producing quality wines. In this way, we interpret and practice the concept of sustainability and consider it a point of pride.

This statement from our website is in fact our business card, the one with which we intend to present ourselves to the world. These few lines summarize a particular choice that we have made, that we honor every day, and that we will explore in a series of posts right here in our Brolio Magazine. We hope to enthuse readers about a concept for which we have the greatest respect.

We’ll be back soon with the next sustainable episode.