Days in the fresh air and more

Since visits in crowded museums and historic buildings won’t be allowed for quite some time yet, outdoor walks are an acceptable resource to keep in mind for many reasons, including avoiding chronic inactivity. But even when you can go back to deciding for yourself how to invest your time and resources, it will be quite normal to prefer naturalistic or eco-friendly holidays in general. It goes without saying that there will be increasing attention to businesses and sustainable products, recycling and well-being. 

At Brolio we take it for granted by now, but it would be worth remembering that here we’ve espoused these concepts for a while. Just to mention one example, keep in mind that for some years now we have had Repower charging points and that 80% of the energy we use is from renewable sources.

In addition, our company always sorts waste materials for recycling, and we also pay special attention in all our stores. We were the first in the township of Gaiole to have an organic waste container. But we’re not stopping there, and when it will be possible to resume summer evening activities at the Agribar, they will all be organized with eco-friendly products.

As a last point, please remember that at Brolio you can stop overnight in your motorhome, and we believe that many will enjoy taking advantage of this form of tourism.

In short, keep in mind that at Brolio you can take a breather, in fresh air and at no risk.