Brolio Highlights

It is a well-known fact that wine bottles must be laid horizontally to ensure perfect wine conservation. However, not everyone knows why. This position allows contact between the wine and the stopper, which keeps the cork humid and tight to the neck of the bottle, thus preventing air from penetrating the inside of the bottle.

If, instead, a bottle is stored vertically, the likelihood of the stopper drying out quickly is higher, because it allows an excessive amount of oxygen to enter the bottle. There is no reason to worry about the prolonged contact with the stopper leading to mold- and bacteria-related problems, certainly not from contact between cork and wine.

In fact, by laying the bottle flat, the micro-oxygenation that occurs in wine barrels can continue, further refining the wine. In the case of special red wines like the Riserva or the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, this helps ensure perfect conservation and allows the wine to continue improving by letting unexpressed components emerge.