Other native Tuscan red grape varieties, some recently rediscovered, are the Colorino, the Canaiolo, the Fogliatonda, the Pugnitello, the Malvasia Nera, the Ciliegiolo. All of them can be used in the Chianti Classico blend, in which, however, the main so-called international vines – by definition not autochthonous – can also be used. These include for example Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, used for Chianti Classico Brolio.

Speaking of international vines, when the production area is particularly suitable and with such marked identity characteristics as we have here at Brolio, even vines not considered native are able over time to absorb the peculiarities related to the environment where they live. This is so true that they themselves become one with the place and influence the wines in ways that cannot be repeated in other areas of cultivation. Thus, often the international vines in Brolio become “Chiantized”, as it were.