Debut for Antico Feudo della Trappola 2018

The Ricasoli collection expands and we are happy to present Antico Feudo della Trappola, a blend of Sangiovese (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Merlot (15%) that expresses the character of the territory very well. Named after the fortified castle that the Ricasoli family owned for many centuries, it also pays homage to history with its elegant label that shows the coat of arms of the original branch of Brolio.

The intensity of the aromas – ripe red fruit, spices and tobacco – is immediately apparent when uncorking the first bottles, along with great freshness and smoothness. The distinctive features of each grape variety in the blend are enhanced in the refined aromatic character of the wine. The aromas have been developed both by the perfect quality of the grapes brought to the cellar – the result of an excellent harvest – and the choice of the winemaking process that for this wine has included two weeks in steel tanks and about 9 months of aging in large barrels, or tonneaux.

But that’s not all. Antico Feudo della Trappola is also the first wine in our range of wines that vaunts the Equalitas certification on the back of the label. Conferred by Valoritalia, it is the recognition of the commitment to an all-round sustainability that has already been a reality in Brolio for many years and that rests on three pillars: not only the maximum respect for the environment, but also choices attentive to the economic and social impact of our activity. (To learn more, click here.)