January: the countryside is resting

Winter is at its halfway point, the countryside is resting, sounds are muffled, colors so nearly monochrome that the space around us can seem monotone. The clouds full of snow arrived just in these days and here at Brolio the vineyards awakened under a soft white cover. Everything seems still, as if we should walk along with our breath held in order not to disturb the repose of the grapevines and the hibernating animals.

Careful observers will have noticed, however, that the light is already changed compared to just a few weeks ago. It’s still light at 5 p.m. and the days are becoming visibly longer, as if they desire to grow and lengthen. And as every year at this time, teams of careful hands are carrying out necessary pruning in our vineyards. Remember?

Very shortly the season of growth will begin again with its incessant rhythms. In just two months everything will come alive again as if reawakened from a restorative sleep: the Osteria restaurant, the Wine Shop, the Agribar, the Castle will all be busy again and the atmosphere will be completely different from that of this month of January.

For those not familiar with our countryside in winter, that might seem like a return to life. But for those of us who know it well, January seems like the most beautiful period of the year, when we can listen to Nature and to ourselves.

We’ll do that while sipping a glass of excellent wine from Brolio in front of a lit fireplace.

And you?