Journey into the Memories of ‘Stealing Beauty’

In 1996, Bernardo Bertolucci brought “Stealing Beauty” (“Io ballo da sola”) to the big screen. Today, six years after the death of the great director, the independent production house, Blu Light Pictures, presents the docufilm “My Stolen Beauty,” a project originating from the desire of director William Nines to celebrate and deepen the understanding of this film, unjustly considered ‘minor,’ yet marking a profound transformation in a long and successful career.

Bernardo Bertolucci is one of the giants of international cinema. He directed masterpieces such as “Last Tango in Paris,” “1900,” and “The Last Emperor.” For the latter, in 1987, as the only Italian director, he received the Oscar for Best Director, as well as for Best Adapted Screenplay. In “Stealing Beauty,” a film that also marks his return behind the camera in Italy immediately after “The Last Emperor,” he chose debutante, Liv Tyler, as the lead actress, the daughter of the frontman of the American rock band “Aerosmith.” Liv, with her youthful age and beauty, became the inspirational muse for the film. Accompanied by a cast of great international talents, described by one of the protagonists as ‘Hollywood in Chianti,’ she brought to the screen the character of Lucy, a young American who experiences an extraordinary initiatory moment during a summer in Tuscany.

But the Tuscan countryside is not just the backdrop of the film; with its enchanting beauty, it is also the other great protagonist. Specifically, the area around Brolio Castle: the film’s characters coexist in the farmhouse “Podernovi,” within the homonymous and picturesque vineyard in Brolio. Francesco Ricasoli recounts: “There are many memories of that period: from meetings with Bertolucci, who reproached me for not visiting him on the set more often, to the makeup room set up with the costume warehouse inside the Ricasoli offices, the field kitchen not far from the farmhouse, and the ancient stone tank where actors and the crew sought relief from the intense heat. It was truly fascinating to live alongside a set of such importance.”

“My Stolen Beauty,” set to release in Italian cinemas in April 2024, is, in the words of director William Nines, “a kind of diary in which the protagonists recount their experience, dedicated to cinema enthusiasts and those who wish to discover the secrets behind the making of this film that has become a cult for a generation.” The docufilm will allow viewers to learn about the production phases and relive the emotions experienced on set through exclusive testimonials from many actors, including Italians, Ignazio Oliva and Roberto Zibetti, who reunite thanks to this production. An engaging tribute to “Stealing Beauty” and its great director, offering a unique perspective on the actors and locations, including Brolio, that have made this film a symbol.”

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