As the Christmas season approaches, a festive atmosphere begins to permeate the air, and, as tradition dictates, Franco Sangiacomo, the Chef of Osteria di Brolio, has created two culinary gems for those who will spend Christmas and New Year with us at the foot of the Castle. But for those who are far away, and this is also becoming a tradition, Franco offers two recipes from his holiday menus to enrich our tables during the festivities. This year, we are delighted to share with you two special recipes, a taste of the culinary talent that you can enjoy on our Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner menus.


As the main course of Christmas lunch, Franco presents a savory masterpiece: the “Meat Pie.” A brisée pastry crust envelops a succulent filling of veal, pork, lard and pistachios, with the flavor exotically enhanced by the addition of black truffle. Slow-cooking in the oven brings out the rich flavors of the dish. Accompanied by the Castle di Brolio, a Chianti Classico with character, whose many years’ ageing in the cellar imparts great richness of aromas, this pie is a culinary celebration to savor as another year comes to an end.


A dessert as beautiful as it is delicious, the “Rose Cake” is the grand finale of our Christmas lunch. A soft and fragrant dough encloses a sumptuous filling of butter and sugar, creating an explosion of flavors. Decorated with icing sugar, this cake is an ode hymn to the sweetness of the holidays. The perfect pairing to enhance these aromas is the Granello 2022, our Tuscan Passito, which completes the experience with elegance.

And why not bring some culinary mastery (and magic) from Brolio into your kitchen?
Franco Sangiacomo has shared these exclusive recipes with you.
Download them, go into the kitchen, and give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable Christmas and New Year.

Osteria di Brolio_Meat pie recipe      Osteria di Brolio_ROSE CAKE Recipe