Brolio Highlights

The decantation is one of the most delicate operations when serving wine, whether at a restaurant or at home. It’s sometimes necessary, for example with certain important reds that remain in bottle for long periods of time, to aid the oxygenation of the wine, thus permitting the aromatic bouquet to better express itself in the glass. It further comes in handy when we ascertain the presence of sediments within the bottle, especially when it comes to white wines.

Necessary for decantation are: a decanter, a glass or crystal vessel in the shape of an ampule, or even a hook, and a light source – traditionally a candle. With care, delicately pour first a small amount of the wine to christen the decanter, then empty out the rest, using your light source to ensure that any sediments remain at the bottom of the bottle, stopping when these get close to the neck. Thereafter the wine can be served in glasses.