Brolio Highlights

Among the activities taking place around the cellar during the month of March is the bottling of the new vintages of selected wines, including Chianti Classico vintage, Riserva, and Gran Selezione. This marks the final phase of the processes taking place in the cellar and the beginning of a new phase in the wines’ evolutionary process, which is of variable duration according to the type of wine and is obviously longer for wines developed with the goal of longevity. Before being bottled, each wine goes through one last internal laboratory analysis to make sure that all chemical parameters, such as alcohol content, total acidity, and concentration of various substances are within normal range. It is also essential that bottles and corks are also perfectly clean.

At Brolio, the entire process is internal thanks to a modern and efficient complete line of bottling and labeling. Just recently, we completed labeling the bottles for the new Brolio Chianti Classico vintage. For the second consecutive year, the bottles used for this wine weigh 50g less than those used in the past, a decision that in 2021 alone generated savings of more than 29 tons of glass with a view to make sustainable choices in every aspect of wine production. A theme that we will explore in the near future.