Postcards from Brolio

It was a sight that hadn’t been seen in years. For a few days, the Castle was covered and surrounded by lovely, pure white snow, as were all the vineyards.

The climate pattern influences each year’s vintage that we then enjoy, so we will remember this beautiful snow for more than just the charming scenery that it provided us with.

In this period the grapevines rest, but although they are in a sort of winter hibernation, the snow has a positive effect on the plants. This is because it prevents the ground from becoming too cold, acting as a sort of cover. It also releases small quantities of nitrogen, very useful to the plants. But most of all, it helps build up the water tables, which always become very low during the summer season due to the heat and drought.

After the summer of 2017, which featured a truly memorable drought, snow like this can only be compared to the cherry on the cake!

We’re taking advantage of the new version of our magazine to publish a number of beautiful images, so you can feast your eyes on these fairytale photos.


Albia Bianco 2016