Anteprime e Fuori Anteprime

Previews and Beyond Previews

First Chianti Classico, then Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Nobile di Montpulciano, then Brunello, concluding in Montalcino: very briefly, the week called Anteprime di Toscana [Tuscan Previews] follows the course described in these very few introductory words. But behind this reduced outline there are a number of activities beginning months before and ending some weeks later.

Those of us from the Chianti Classico area are very privileged. Our Chianti Classico Collection is held each year at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence and is greatly appreciated both by enthusiasts and experts in our sector, who have the possibility to taste these wines in the large room next to that of the wine producers. No contact, no distractions, each table has four positions and the sommelier service provided by the AIS [Italian Sommelier Association] is top-notch. In this way, guests can taste and describe the wines in an excellent way. And that’s no small thing.

The two days of the Chianti Classico Collection also has a central evening, Monday, so why not celebrate together with the many who come to Florence and hold a Preview at home?

We did this Monday evening, and it was wonderful! Dazzling light was shone on both our iconic wine, Castello di Brolio, and our great cru, Colledilà, during a marvelous evening at Palazzo Ricasoli on the Lungarno near Ponte Vecchio.

The aristocratic atmosphere of this magnificent period house heightened the impact of two great wines that expressed the personalities of the 2015 vintages. This was indeed a preview, given that these wines will not be on the market before next July.

Now, only a few days after the event, we are still considering the emotions, the comments, the appreciation offered, and we are very happy.