Wine tourism and sustainable transport

Informational meetings, research and discussions are a constant here at Brolio.

For example, tomorrow, Friday 23 March, the meeting “Wine tourism and sustainable transport: tendencies and opportunities for the winegrowers and producers” will take place.

From the title, it looks to be very interesting. The meeting is the brainchild of Repower and the organization Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli, and it will be dedicated to wine production, tourism and electric transportation technology. These three themes are increasingly interconnected and can generate important synergies.

“Repower and Seminario Veronelli are partners for the Guida Oro I Vini di Veronelli 2018. They share a common vision of sustainability, developed from successful experiences they wish to divulge and share. The meeting will be an opportunity to present and discuss the “First Report on Food and Wine Tourism in Italy”, carried out by the National Observatory with the same name. The Associazione Dimore Storiche will also be present, representing prestigious Historic Houses dedicated to tourism and culture.

 The meeting will take place at Barone Ricasoli, a preeminent wine producer at the cutting edge of services for sustainable transport and itself located in an unusually fascinating Historic House. Barone Ricasoli is well-qualified to represent the “sustainable revolution” taking place in an increasing number of high-end producers. A leader among international winegrowers, Barone Ricasoli has been a constant in publications of the Seminario Veronelli over the years and was among the first to join Repower’s Ricarica 101 project.”

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 pm here at Madonna a Brolio.

Don’t miss it!