ALBIA 2014



Sangiovese and Merlot


About 25/30 days at a temperature of 12°C/16°C.


In stainless steel at controlled temperature of 12/16°C ( 53.6°-60.8°F) for 25/30 days.


5 months In stainless steel vats.

Vintage Awards 2014
James Suckling 201691/100

Fresh, fragrant, pleasant with a complex bouquet: a rosé that shows off all the best characteristics of the finest grapes preserved with a screw cap to add a modern touch.

Delicious as an aperitif, serve with crudités and fresh cheeses, white meat and light cuisine.

Growing Season

The weather leading up to the 2014 grape harvest was an unusual year, humid and not very hot. Winter was mild and Spring was drier than in the past. Temperatures were average and began to rise in the second half of June. Bud break was from the end of March to the beginning of April and proceeded regularly. Flowering was abundant and began in early June. The summer was much cooler than average, and rainy. This slowed the veraison of the grapes, which only began in mid-August. Fortunately, September was warm and featured significant day-to-night temperature ranges, favouring the accumulation of polyphenols in the grape skins.
Harvesting officially began on 10 September, about 12 days later than in previous years. Our very delicate rosé, has been made of at least 35-40% Merlot, which added tenderness and fruit to the Sangiovese that completes it.
Grapes vinified just before being completely ripe to maintain a stimulating and appealing acidity in a wine that is appreciated especially as an aperitif.

Tasting Notes

Delicate onion pink colour. Floral and aromatic hints on the nose. Fresh and mineral mouth; delicious, pleasant, rich, savoury long lasting finish. Enjoy it cool.