100% Merlot


The thermo-regulated fermentation occurs between 24°C and 27°C takes 14-18 days


18 months into oak barrels and tonneaux


4 and 5 August 2009


Casalferro is the result of developments initiated in the 1990s, when Francesco Ricasoli took over the firm and inspired him to begin his research into modern methods. This wine justifies those who believe that the best expression of a terroir is when the typicality of a grape variety takes on completely new properties that are impossible to replicate in other places with the same characteristics. Today, Casalferro is a single varietal Merlot from a single plot of land which has reached the very pinnacle of grace and intensity.

Gaiole in Chianti

The Casalferro vineyard has an elevation of 400 metres and faces south, southeast. The land forms part of the geological formation ‘Monte Morello’ and is Paleocene-Eocene in origin. The soil is brown with a fine clay structure, very chalky, with a sub alkaline pH and little organic content. It is well drained, very stony and has average water-holding capacity.

Growing Season

The 2009-2010 growing season was fairly unusual, with a cold, snowy winter, rainy spring, hot summer, and variable weather in September and October. Thanks to the snowfall and rains there was no risk of drought, and the vines worked steadily and well. The considerable day-night temperature excursions at the end of August and the beginning of September allowed the grapes to have the right sugar concentration, good acidity and color extraction. The Merlot was harvested from the second to the twenty-fourth of September. The grapes, which were beautiful and perfectly healthy, fermented in upright casks for 12-14 days, yielding wines with an average alcohol content of 14%, above average total acidities, and slightly lower than usual PH. Excellent the phenolic and the color extraction. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine was already clean and elegant.

Tasting Note

Intense ruby red color. The wine delivers hot spicy fragrances along with red fruit and chocolate hints. Ample, firm and velvety in the palate, lush mouthfeel.