This limited and prestigious production of extra virgin olive oil is dedicated to the variety of olive, Frantoio, that has always been cultivated in the Chianti Classico territory.


Gaiole in Chianti
26 hectares at various altitudes are dedicated to the cultivation of olives in specific areas and scattered on the estate.


In a cool place away from direct light in order to preserve the qualities of extra virgin olive oil.

Growing Season

2012 proved a rich year for Brolio’s olive trees. A mild spring with evenly spaced rains helped the trees blossom well. Despite the high temperatures of the second part of August, the olives continued to ripen, and the rains that fell at the end of August and in the beginning of September favored the accumulation of the fatty acids in the drupe. Once again, the combination of high temperatures and low humidity prevented the proliferation of the olive fruit fly, and the olives were therefore perfectly healthy. The harvest began October 26, and the olives were pressed, as is our custom, the following day using a continuous press. Upon reaching the Orciaia, the oil was placed in controlled-atmosphere steel tanks, and subsequently filtered. All of Brolio’s olive groves are organically farmed: no phystosanitary compounds, and only organic fertilizers.

Tasting Notes

Deep green in color. On the nose freshly cut artichokes, intense greenish accents; the palate is long, enveloping, and complex; peppery spice and bitterness are perfectly balanced, and in the finish artichokes aromas reemerge.

Picking and Production Method

The olives, which are harvested manually, are taken to the press in well-ventilated 20 kg bins and pressed within 24 hours using the continuous method. The olives are washed, then pressed, and the resulting paste is spun at a temperature that never exceeds 27°C. The olive paste never comes in contact with air, because the press works in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere. The oil is extracted by centrifuge, a technique that guarantees the quality of the yield, and very low acidity. When the oil arrives in the storage cellar, it is immediately filtered, and held in 400 litre stainless steel containers until bottling.

Chemical And Organoleptic Characteristics

Acidity: 0,17 %
Peroxide content: 5,73 meq/l of oxygen
Total polyphenols: 522 mg/kg