Malvasia and Sangiovese


4-5 years in oak casks (caratelli)

Vintage Awards
Wine Spectator 201692/100

The Castello di Brolio Vin Santo, true to tradition, expresses one of the “historic” grapes of the area, Malvasia del Chianti. Its production method also stays true to tradition.

Notes on the method of production
The grapes destined for Vin Santo are gathered late in the harvest, at the point at which the sugar content is high enough to sustain the long ageing process that this wine undergoes. The bunches are hung and left to dry partially for several months. The must obtained from light crushing ferments slowly and is then placed in 225-litre half-barriques of oak.

Growing Season

The total absence of freezing weather during winter, an ideal amount of rain during the spring followed by a sudden rise in temperatures stimulated budding in some zones as early as the first weeks of April and perfect maturation. A hot summer with fairly fresh nights (with a range from 35°C during the day to 18-20°C at night) and scarce but well-distributed rains led to a markedly homogeneous and early ripening of the grapes.
We can therefore include this vintage among the best of recent years. A meticulous choice of the buds, the care of the plants and soils, careful pruning of the bunches and rigorous analyses of the grapes led to harvesting at the right levels of sugars and phenols, thus guaranteeing excellent grapes, ready to be vinified.

Tasting Notes

Typical intense ethereal aroma reminiscent of ground almonds and marzipan, dried fruit, honey, dates and apricot. Warm and fairly sweet on the palate. Its alcohol content and its persistent finish make it unique and rich. You will appreciate its easy drinkability and its full aromas.