Sangiovese and complementary grapes


24-28°C – Fermentation period: 8-10 days


In stainless steel and big casks


Elegant, well-balanced, pleasant with a rich bouquet: an amazing wine with a captivating taste for everyday drinking that pairs well with many different dishes.

Growing Season

After a substantially mild winter, the first part of spring was characterized by a scarcity of rain.
On the contrary, June registered some unusual rainfalls which measured 80mm during the first fifteen days. In the second half of the month the rains ceased and summer temperatures arrived but still within the normal seasonal average and without any particular peaks.
The rains only came again towards the middle of August and again in the middle of September.
The last grapes to be picked were the Sangiovese, which, thanks to the strong temperature range between day and night in September was able to develop strong fragrances and great colour extractions.

Tasting Notes

Intense ruby red. Vinous with floral hints, the Chianti Parma violet can be felt in the wine glass. Spicy with cloves, pepper, chocolate and wild
cherries. It is a Chianti to the palate with its body, minerality and tanginess. The tannins are redolent of a chocolate-like flavour. Its good taste is well-balanced with its acidity which renders it fresh.
Its long finish leaves the mouth clean and ready for meals.