Sangiovese and complementary grapes


90% in stainless steel and 10% in barriques and tonneaux.


Elegant, well-balanced, pleasant with a rich bouquet: an amazing wine with a captivating taste for everyday drinking that pairs well with many different dishes.

Growing Season

Rainfall and temperatures over the winter were average. Spring was mild and rainy in the early part of the season, while there was no rainfall from late April through May. The rain between June and July helped to ensure a good water reserve and allowed the vines to develop even earlier than usual. A very hot, dry August, helped by cool September nights, completed the ripening of the grapes. The Sangiovese shows high sugar content, excellent acidity and “crispy” tannins. The final results will be a superb quality wine.

Tasting Notes

Brilliant ruby red with a fresh fruity and flowery bouquet. Clean to the palate with fragrant sensations of ripe red fruit, violet and rose. Elegant and young, delicate in length and extremely drinkable.