100% Sangiovese.


Thermo-regulated fermentation between 24°C and 27°C takes 12 to 16 days.


The wine matures in new barrels and casks for 18/21 months.


“Colledilà” – the land which has been part of the Brolio estate for centuries – is the cru of this Chianti Classico DOCG that stands out due to its complex structure and great modern elegance. The research on original clones that has been carried out at Barone Ricasoli for the last fifteen years and the work on the specific characteristics of the various plots of land on the estate have now given rise to a single varietal Sangiovese which manifests the magnificent gifts of this grape variety. The limited volumes of the Colledilà cru render it all the more exclusive.

Gaiole in Chianti

The vineyard is located at an elevation of 380 m and faces south-west, in the most beautiful and representative part of the estate. The land is Paleocene-Eocene in origin and forms part of the geological formation ‘Monte Morello’. The soil is brown with a fine clay structure, very chalky, with a sub alkaline pH and little organic content. It is well drained, very stony and has an average water-holding capacity.

Growing Season

Mild autumn with little rainfall. Heavy snowfall in February with cold temperatures for several days. The spring was mild with average temperatures between 15 and 18°C; a little rainfall concentrated in the month of April allowed normal budbreak and good flowering. The summer came early with high temperatures and a total absence of rain from mid-June to the end of August. In early September abundant rainfall refresh the ground and the air allowing the vines to resume the ripening process and complete it in the best possible way.
The 2012 vintage turned out to be of good quality, with peaks of excellence in both the Merlot and the Sangiovese, and this shows just how suited this area is to quality viticulture in difficult vintages too.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red color with light garnet reflections.
Complex nose, with hints of ripe fruit, and sweet notes of vanilla and white chocolate. The palate, elegant and soft, shows the perfect balance between acidity and tannins that is typical for the Sangiovese grown in this vineyard.