Chardonnay di Toscana Igt


At a very low temperature (14/20°)
Cold maceration: 4°C for 6 hours without oxygen


May 2009


Torricella, white wine rich in structure and complexity, enhances its personality with a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon blanc of Tuscan character. Fruit of a careful quality development both in the vineyard and in the cellars, this white wine is able to express the characteristics of a terroir often reputed for its famous “reds” only

Province of Siena

The Sauvignon blanc comes from a vineyard situated at 230 m a.s.l. on alluvial soil and the Chardonnay comes from different plots of which two estate vineyards; one located at 350 m a.s.l. on limestone-rich soil, the other at 460 m a.s.l. on sandy and pebbly soil.

Growing Season

After a substantially mild winter, the first part of spring was characterized by a scarcity of rain. On the contrary, June registered some unusual rainfalls which measured 80mm during the first fifteen days. In the second half of the month the rains ceased and summer temperatures arrived but still within the normal seasonal average and without any particular peaks. The rains only came again towards the middle of August. At the end of August the Chardonnay grapes were picked by hand as usual. The grapes presented an excellent acid component and Torricella 2008 will doubtlessly present a grand structure.

Tasting Notes

The wine shows a bright straw yellow colour with amber/emerald green hints. An approachable flowery bouquet of iris and tropical aromas of pineapple, banana and yellow plum. Spicy with a hint of toasting typical of the Allier and Tronà§ais oak where the fermentation was terminated and where it aged for long months.
The wine gives a fresh, mineral, velvety, young and strong and supporting taste to the palate and it is persistent and memorable between one sip and another…