From the oldest roots to the most recent innovations

Aware of the great potential of the Brolio terroir, Francesco Ricasoli was the first to  implement zoning  of the lands cultivated as vineyards in the Chianti Classico  area. His intention was to learn more about the specific nuances of the viticulture of this unique and remarkable property and then to use this information for improved production.

A greater level of excellence in the company’s agronomic and enological choices led to modern and sustainable precision in viticulture. Integrating old studies with new ones, a project of clonal selection ensued and was aimed at conserving the most inte- resting biotypes of the Sangiovese present at Brolio.

These clones are unique to Brolio and listed in the National Grape Registry of the Ministry of Agricultu- ral, Food and Forestry Policies of Italy and have been used to create the most recent vineyards.

… because it’s the birthplace of that modern wine that reinvented itself in the 19th century.
- Francesco Ricasoli, great grandson of Bettino -