Newly planted Sangiovese vines at Barone Ricasoli

In February, 7.07 hectares of Sangiovese vines were planted by our agricultural staff under the supervision of our technical director Massimiliano Biagi, on the same land where the Merlot of our Casalferro Cru is grown, so already known for its excellent quality.

Sangiovese rooted vine cuttings native to Brolio that very recently received official recognition from the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies were used in a 1.2 hectare area.

For some years now, every new planting or replanting contains a percentage of these authentic Sangiovese clones from Brolio, with their DNA containing the history of the vineyards as handed down from cutting to cutting. They are now planted and nourished in the terroir from which they were generated in a fresh homecoming that we anticipate will provide new and exciting aromas and tastes.

In line with the agronomic practices which our company has embraced for many years now, the operation was also an opportunity to experiment with new techniques in precision winemaking: this time the sustainability both in environmental and production practices was reflected in the use of mycorrhizas.

This strange word of Greek origin literally means “roots (rhiza) with fungus (mykos)” and signifies a particular symbiotic relationship between the vine root system and some fungi naturally present in the soil. This symbiosis increases the capacity of the plants to absorb water and nutrition, thus providing the vineyard with a higher resistance to water stress and a greater vegetative growth.

The project is part of the Microorganisms in Viticulture initiative in which our company works in partnership with the Italpollina S.p.A. company and Tuscia University.